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ExacTax News

Form 114 - Report of Foreign Bank Accounts (FBAR)

Report of Foreign Bank Accounts

The ExacTax electronic filing authorization form and program has been updated for the new FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) Form 114 filed through the BSA (Banking Security Act) system.



California Form 541 Electronic Filing

Fiduciary e-file Program

Effective immediately, you can create and file some California fiduciary returns electronically.



Late Payment Interest and Penalties

1040 Extension Returns

There are still a large number of returns on extension that will be filed in the coming months.

Here are some helpful hints:



News, Forms & Procedures - January 10 2014

RDE E-file

Always check your e-file interactive diagnostics and run a Print with only Create electronic file checked and then Check E-file diagnostics before transmitting to ExacTax. Procedure charges will apply when e-file corrections need to be applied at ExacTax.


Improved ELF Authorization Process

Improved ELF Authorization Process

Our technical staff has implemented an improved system to process your faxed ELF authorizations. You may have noticed the new bar codes that are now printing in the upper margin of the authorization form.